Crowd Funding

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The new realm of Crowd Funding is upon us. This has been slow in becoming a reality, especially when there are conflicts of interests and potential winners and losers within the realm of liquidity and equity financing. The ‘old’ does not truly know how to respond, as it is something new, and the ‘new’ is eager to go ahead without heeding warnings from the experience of the past. Somewhere in-between is the balance. This in-between is currently being worked out amongst ‘old’ money and methods, and the new frontier made up of Crowd Funding proponents.

Crowd Funding is a fantastic opportunity for small business entrepreneurs, who are presented with a different set of responsibilities. Currently it is still illegal to Crowd Fund for equity (securities) in the USA, and will be until the engagement rules are correctly established through the SEC and FINRA. Crowd Funding has been legalized in other countries in the world and started to grow rapidly. Nationally and internationally many social projects are well established and on their way to success because of Donation Crowd Funding. Give us a call, we are eager to discuss your future requirements.

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