Small Business, the Valuable Fabric of the US Economy

Small Business, the Valuable Fabric of the US Economy

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Welcome to the new IFC Financial Group communication site. We appreciate your visit and sincerely hope that you enjoy your tour around our Web site.

When we decided to upgrade our Web site we embarked on an endless journey to perfection. This is a close analogy to all the small business entrepreneurs who build a major part of the fabric of the USA society. We admire you daily. To do battle in the entrepreneurial and corporate world and survive leaves many stories and some wounds, scars, joy, heartache, and laughter. Hopefully satisfied individuals and teams emerge.

The world of finance is rapidly changing. We live in a NEW ECONOMY with change being the constant. The once ‘local economy’ is now a big village and is influenced by many countries and continents as we have seen with the effect of Asia and Europe on the US economy. Small business entrepreneurs now need to consider world dynamics when making decisions regarding their future. Customer and Supplier Relationships play a greater role than ever before and just being on every corner is no longer enough. Relationships, integrity, vision, experience, understanding, empathy, compassion and determination all play a role in our future success.

The IFC Financial Group has rapidly started to specialize in two distinct areas: Start-up Capital and larger Debt and Liquidity transactions. The challenge every new company faces is to obtain the necessary capital to forge and develop their future. No sooner does this future become reality and the challenge starts again. This time, to build Liquidity to grow the future, again! The balance between Debt verses Equity is like the comparison between wisdom and common sense. Both are extremely necessary, yet which comes first?

I would be remiss not to mention the new realm of Crowd Funding which is slowly becoming a real opportunity for small business entrepreneurs. While it is still illegal to Crowd Fund for equity (securities) in the USA, and will be until the engagement rules are correctly established through the SEC and FINRA, other countries in the world have started to grow rapidly in this area. In a few years we will look back and wonder why it took so long. Many social projects are well established and on their way to success because of Donation Crowd Funding. This is an interesting pathway to Sustainability.

In future newsletters, we will spend time reviewing different kinds of financing opportunities, Social-for-Profit successes and the basics of giving back to society through pro-bono work. The latter is an exciting concept presenting opportunities for the currently unemployed. We look forward to the day when all who wish to work can find employment. Please tell us how we can help you.

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