The Process

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The IFC Financial Process

IFC Financial’s initial screening and discovery process is critical to the client’s success and is directly associated with IFC’s ability to understand the client’s requirements, goals and vision regarding the project. Upon building a solid foundation based on factual information and establishing trust with the client, a detailed engagement agreement is formulated and tailored to meet the client’s current and future needs and requirements.

IFC Analysis Process

IFC’s custom approach to providing unique solutions for our client’s requirements requires that we discover and analyze all available information and data and formulate the best strategies, tactics and structures to provide a total solution for all parties.  Some of the areas reviewed will be:

  • Management’s experience and operating history
  • Size of market space client is entering or is currently in
  • Barriers to entry
  • Competitive offerings
  • Market demand or need
  • Strength of business plan or model
  • Longevity of business or product offering
  • Scalability or commercialization of product offering or technology (Scientific review of technology)
  • Pending legal issues, pending patents, proprietary nature of intellectual property
  • Review of all customer contracts and current vendor agreements
  • Current Capitalization, amount of capital needed to reach pro forma goals, use of funds.
  • Valuation, comparables
  • Current and future earnings – create financial models showing lender/investor IRR and other  pertinent calculations
  • Cash Flows
  • Exit strategies

After reviewing each of these factors we will work with lenders whom we understand are currently within the range of the client’s need. We ultimately will match lender and client with similar objectives and philosophies so that a partnership is established.