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Bruce Beaton

Bruce BeatonBruce brings an important career of over 30 years in the field of international industrial start up’s, business turnarounds and senior CEO/Executive management to the IFC Financial Group. He is a metallurgist by background with extensive application experience, and client and project growth financing. This know-how is being utilized in the IFC Financial Group to help companies in need of financial acceleration, growth development and strategic restructuring. Particular experience has been gained with pre-revenue and early stage start-up companies and existing cash deficient companies with growth potential. Bruce has international exposure to both crude oil and liquid fuel sources and has experience in building reliable and sustainable sources for supply.

Bruce has worked in the United States, Europe, India, Southern Africa and New Zealand/ Australia. He has held numerous executive management, operational and Board of Director positions over the past 25 years while managing the full P&L. Bruce brings an international strength in his wealth of knowledge in cross-cultural business practices. In addition, Bruce has been exposed to both, financing the sale and leasing of, state-of-the-art mining and healthcare equipment, services, Oil & Gas equipment, and engineering and chemical plant equipment. More recently Bruce created an ‘International Business Expansion Model’ protocol which guides companies in exploring the feasibility and establishing of strategies for international expansion.

Bruce resides in Houston, Texas and continues to create wealth for clients in need of Debt and Liquidity and early stage investment transactions.

IFC Financial Group has an established team of partner specialists who assist in each project and lend their expertise and skills to every opportunity that is embarked upon. Collaboration….that’s what it is called..