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The IFC Financial Group was established to help overcome the challenges facing most small to mid-cap companies and valuable lenders in the ‘NEW ECONOMY’. The “NEW ECONOMY” has left many well established companies and most start-up businesses under-funded and short of financial support from their banks. The end result is that these entities face difficulties in raising any form of finance or equity for future growth.

Simultaneously, lenders and private equity developers have been left trying to assess good opportunities for investment, and decipher the risks for their capital.

After coming face-to-face with the realities of the “NEW ECONOMY” it was decided to establish a group of people with far-reaching experience who understand the power of synergy. IFC Financial Group forges this interface between lenders and borrowers who face these new challenges, but each with different mandates. Consequently an interface is formed when the best in class lenders are introduced to the back-bone of America – small and medium sized businesses. By creating this interface and introducing suitable associations, we work towards finding acceptable solutions for both lenders and borrowers.

As a result, Interface Collaborations LLC was formed, and presents itself to the market as the IFC Financial Group.