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Times are Changing

At the current pace of our changing world we find ourselves neither settling nor moving forward at the pace we think we should be moving at. The rate of change is astounding and no sooner have we built a strategy than we discover that it is already lagging the changing digital world. So where does that leave us as we build small businesses to cater for the future?

Fortunately, the current administration has a great respect for small business and they are taking steps to grow the economy at the core. Small business. With the international business environment changing so quickly and the trend towards partial isolationist policies, the USA markets are becoming more and more attractive to international companies, yet they will conceivably become harder to penetrate and develop. Why would the local markets appear attractive to international companies? Simple, they need access to the high per-capita transactions that translate into daily volume and value transactions. In addition, the Asian and European markets have become attractive to the USA businesses mainly due to volume and compounded growth rates.

eCommerce has opened the world to markets unattainable 5 years ago. Today the markets are appearing to conform with the ‘flat earth’ concept, the markets that were once part of our dreams have now being visible for all to see. The ‘hard to get’ business is no longer around the corner. It is simply down the street. The secret is to build a supply chain that is ready for this move. Many companies say they are ready. Really, 6 months ago did you ever think the company tax rate would be 21%. Hard to imagine. IFC Financial Group and our International sister Consulting group, IBLR International would love to talk to you about your international expansion. Give us a call or drop us a line.