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The Challenges Facing Small Business Today

The current world economy is similar to the King of the Beasts – the Lion.  The lion holds back for nobody. The current world economy is like a lion out of control and nobody can tame it. From the USA, China to Europe through to Japan, the respective administrations for each country seek an answer to their dilemma! How do they spur the economy on and simultaneously create the much needed employment that their citizens no longer enjoy. Until these jobs are re-created, no country or their residents will be satisfied. Rightly so!

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The Japanese administration has tried for the last 20 years to get their economy going. They have operated under austerity, inflation reducing policies and inflation increasing policies. They have tried nearly every fiscal trick to get their economy moving. Today, their Quantitative Easing policy appears to be working…but oh wait, their markets are re-coiling. Ironically, at no time have they managed to create the corresponding national work force to back up their policies. Paper money has created an elephant that cannot move. Currently the USA and Europe have embarked on the same policies as Japan. The affect has been similar in each case… no further growth, just inflated numbers on their respective stock exchanges that will deflate when  Quantitative Easing stops. The QE policies in the USA have inflated the S & P 500 to the point that stocks would need to reduce by 40% to again become attractive investments.
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